Where It All Began

Besotted with gin, a lifelong urge to indulge our creative minds and after a yearlong research project on the craft distilling industry, two misfits – Mike Sayers and Jayde Maasdorp – left a combined corporate life of nearly 40 years, jumped on the bandwagon and launched South Africa’s first Old Tom Gin in December 2016.

Old Town Gin

Our award winning Black Meerkat Old Town Gin has been crafted using an Old Tom recipe. We use only the finest Cane Neutral spirit which is distilled once using a unique copper catalyzation process. Each of the 11 carefully selected botanicals are placed in a Carter Head and is distilled in small batches using a modern technique called Vapour Infusion.

This technique allows the alcohol vapours to pass over the botanicals, condensing the complex aromas and flavours to form a fresher, more delicate tasting gin. Unlike the traditional Old Tom recipe, no sugar or artificial sweetener has been added. Instead, Liquorice Root, indigenous Rose Geranium, Star Anise and Pineapple Sage have been used to replicate the signature sweetness of Old Tom Gin.


Juniper | Rose Geranium | Pineapple Sage | Cassia Bark | Angelica Root | Liquorice Root |
Fresh Lemon Peel | Orange Peel | Raw Almonds | Star Anise | Coriander

Perfect Serves

“Smoky Martini”
60ml Old Town Gin
10ml Scotch Whisky
Shake up in a cocktail shaker and strain into a martini glass.
Garnish with olives

40ml Old Town Gin
160ml Goldberg Japanese Yuzu Tonic
Secco Pepper Berry Infusion Sachet

40ml Old Town Gin
160ml Fitch & Leedes Bitter Lemon
Secco Citrus Cinnamon Infusion Sachet