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There is something quite endearingly naïve about the way Black Meerkat Gin creators Jayde Maasdorp and Mike Sayers operate. Why Black Meerkat? Well… because they like meerkats. And black. Why’d they decide to make a gin? Well… everybody else was.

Maasdorp explains their hop aboard the bandwagon: “Mike is a keen tabasco grower and plans to do this on a large scale. After seeing the craft distilling boom insert on Sky News in December 2015 and brainstorming over what would keep us busy during the chilli’s growing season, we did some research and saw that the craft distilling bug had already reached South Africa.”

Though there was a certain innocence about their approach, Maasdorp and Sayers were wise enough to research the industry; they scoped out the competition at the first Gin and Tonic Festival in Cape Town in the January of that year, then headed to New Harbour Distillery to meet founders Nic and Andri Janeke.

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